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The trustees of the Chardon Schools Foundation (CSF) have authorized over $10,000 in grants to benefit district educational programs and teachers serving students ranging from elementary through high school. Projects receiving funding include:

>Student Self-Published Books granted to Deb Steytler, Chardon High School art instructor. Advanced Art students will learn about the collaborative publishing process, individually producing a meaningful book that can be used in a student’s professional portfolio.

>Mobile Learning Lab granted to Scott May, principal of Maple Elementary School. Taking a fresh approach to e-learning, Maple Elementary School will inspire creative thinkers and encourage student learning through technology using the Kineo® tablet and “Achiever” software to assist in math, science and reading skills and comprehension across all grade levels.

>Night at the Museum, granted to Brian Buemi, Leigh Ann Ferguson and Brenda Sobodosh, third grade teachers at Munson Elementary School.  Inspired by the popular family movies, third grade students embrace the persona of a significant historical figure and represent this person during a special presentation evening at the school. Grant funds provide level-appropriate research materials for students to access information.

>Plant Life Cycle Experiment granted to Leita Cirjak, Kathy Foglio and Rita Richardson, fourth grade instructors at Munson Elementary School. Students will explore plant growth and development as they experience real-life, hands-on activities during a plant’s life cycle, most interestingly through the use of dried bees to perform pollination.

>One Book, One School granted to Louise Henry, principal of Munson Elementary School. The program engages every student and student family at the school around the reading, discussion and learning of one book, A Cricket in Times Square, during the “Love to Read” cycle at the school. A host of activities accompany the mutual reading of this book including during art, music, and all academic subjects.

Established in 1989, the Chardon Schools Foundation (CSF) believes that excellent schools are essential to the economic and social welfare of the community it serves. CSF financially supports educational projects and initiatives that will add excitement and imagination to the learning process. By providing funds to staff members with original ideas, CSF hopes to ensure the highest quality education for students in the Chardon Schools. All teachers and staff of the Chardon Local School District are eligible to submit grants for programs and/or projects that meet CSF guidelines.

The Chardon Schools Foundation is funded solely by contributions from local individuals and businesses. Your generous gifts keep our funding vibrant and responsive to the needs of our district. You can send a contribution to P.O. Box 838, Chardon, Ohio, 44024.

For more information on the Chardon Schools Foundation, grant applications or assistance in seeking a grant, please visit


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