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Summer 2020 Math Accleration Opportunity

Parents - due to our changed instructional model, the math acceleration pre-test and program that was originally scheduled to begin yesterday has been reworked. 

A detailed e-mail and registration link has been sent to all 5th, 6th and 7th grade CMS student e-mail accounts.  We did this as we wanted to track and gather student accounts easily for registration purposes.  In addition to the link, the e-mail stated the following:


If you are not sure what this program is (IE - your parents had not attended a meeting and your current teacher has not talked to you, then you should talk to your current math teacher before registering - it is A LOT of extra work).  


A few reminders: 

  • This opportunity is offered to those in regular 5th grade, regular 6th grade, single accelerated 6th grade, or regular 7th grade math.  

  • This is OPTIONAL for those in the classes above who may want to move into the accelerated pathway for math for next year.  

  • The online class will start NEXT week - the week of April 6.  

  • You will have until July 17th to complete the work and take the post-test, which you must pass with at least an 80%.  

If you have questions, please contact the teacher for the summer class you will be taking: 

  • 6th grade:

  • 7th grade:

  • pre-algebra:


Parents - what we forgot to mention is that due to this change we will not be requiring the pre-test, but will track student activity within the course.  If there is limited activity the teacher will reach out to the student and parent. If there continues to be limited activity, the student will be removed from the program. 

Please contact Mr. Velotta, or one of the teachers above, if you have any questions. 


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