Chardon Local Schools News Article

New Pick Up Procedure

This is how it will work: 

  1. Starting at 3:20, vehicles will pull in at the entrance closest to the Munson Township Park from Bass Lake Road and stay to the left as much as possible.

  2. Vehicles will line up and loop around the back parking lot (just like drop off) and pull next to the back of the building.

  3. Each car will display the tag with their “Family Number” in their front windshield while in line.

  4. Starting at 3:30, students will be released from the back door to the car with the corresponding number. 

  5. 4 vehicles/students will be loaded at a time

  6. Please have your students enter your vehicle from the side that the school is on school


  • We have around 70 regular  pick ups per day. In order for this to work, vehicles will need to pull up as close as possible to the vehicle in front of them.

  • Families picking up students are not to get out of their cars. 

  • Students will not need to be signed out when exiting from the back of the building 

  • This will eliminate the need to  find parking, get out of your car, and enter the building.

  • Each family will be given (2) car tags with a number on them, this will be your family number. 

  • Your family number will remain the same from year to year.

  • No students will be released from the back door to parents not in cars; parent pickups done in this manner will need to park in the front parking lot and enter the building through the front doors and see the building secretary. 

  • Cars without a tag will not be loaded in the back of the building.  If a tag is missing/not displayed that driver must park in the front of the building and go to the office

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