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Item Pick-Up Clarification

Good morning families!  

In trying to get out all the information I forgot some key pieces of information!

The building will be open to one adult per family on weekdays beginning Friday, June 5 through Wednesday, June 10 from 9:00am - 3:00pm.  On Thursday, June 11, the building will be open from 12:00pm - 6:00pm.  (Just a reminder - 10 people only at a time will be permitted in - masks must be worn).  

Items from gym lockers were also placed in the bags for students who followed locker sign-out procedures.  If we could not identify the student, the gym locker contents were labeled with the locker number and placed on the side of the gym for claiming.  

We understand that some students only had a lock on their locker.  If this is the case, these were also bagged and labeled for consistency in the process of bagging almost 800 lockers.  If a parent does not want to pick this up it will be labeled and stored for future use.  We may not be able to guarantee the same lock is returned next year, but will have a small number of these "used locks" available for students as needed next year. 

Friends / other families are also welcome to pick-up your child's items.  

In addition, several students do have some class materials to return.  Due to the quick turnaround of the school closing in March students were given class sets of books or other materials to take home.  It is important to return these items in order to inventory and have time to let them "rest" for sanitary purposes.   

Just a reminder of what needs to be returned:  

4th Grade Returns:

  • Richardson - Wizard of Oz novels
  • Seabeck/Corlew - Classroom Library Books
  • Madden - Classroom Library Books
  • Montagna - Taking Sides novels and Classroom Library Books

5th Grade Returns:

  • All Teachers - Classroom Library Books
  • Swick / Monsman - Orphan of Ellis Island novels, My Daniel novels

6th Grade Returns:

  • Rosengard - Classroom Library Books
  • Haeberle - Classroom Library Books
  • Efantis - Code Talker novels, Farewell to Manzanar novels, Classroom Library Books

7th Grade Returns:

  • Culliton - Classroom borrowed novels 
  • Curitore - Classroom Library Books (spines may have names Heintz or Patterson)

Special Ed Returns:

  • Wilson tile boards, dry erase boards, student readers and student workbooks

Music - Band Returns:

  • All school borrowed instruments and band music

All CMS Media Center Library Books!

Any other questions - please contact the CMS main office! 
-Timothy Velotta, CMS Principal

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