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3rd Grade Welcome Message

Hello third-grade families!  

During this time of emergency remote learning, we want to assure you that we are planning for how to best welcome your children to CMS next year, hopefully in person!  

HERE is a video made by our 7th graders to explain what a day at CMS may look like for your child.  We typically shared this when students came to visit CMS in-person but wanted to share it now.  3rd-grade teachers are also posting this video in their Google Classrooms.  

During “normal” times, we would also visit Munson and Park to have lunch with students prior to their visit.  This year, with the help of 3rd grade-teachers, we are excited to host “virtual lunches” with your children to introduce ourselves, welcome them to CMS, and answer any questions they may have.  Mr. Velotta and Mrs. Stuart will be visiting with students from Munson, while Mr. Tomco and Mrs. Hillman will be visiting 3rd graders at Park.  Again - teachers are posting the links to these virtual meetings in their google classrooms for us.  The schedule is: 


Tuesday, 5/5 @ 11:00am


Tuesday, 5/5 @ 11:00am


Tuesday, 5/5 @ 11:45am


Tuesday, 5/5 @ 11:45am


Wednesday, 5/6 @ 11:00am


Wednesday, 5/6 @ 11:00am


Wednesday, 5/6 @ 11:45am


Wednesday, 5/6 @ 11:45 am

While we don’t have exact answers about what the start of the year will look like, we want to begin engaging with your children and letting them know that we are excited to welcome them to 4th grade!  

In addition to the e-mail I will be sending soon to all 20-21 CMS parents, I encourage you to peruse the CMS website, and the 4th-grade teacher websites, in particular, to begin to learn more about CMS.  

Towards the end of May and beginning of June, we will be sharing videos with parents with transition information to CMS and will be hosting virtual parent transition meetings to answer any questions you may have.  We are postponing these until after the close of this school year so our energies right now can be on students and to ensure a smooth end to this unique school year.  

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to CMS next year!

Timothy Velotta, CMS Principal

Adam Tomco, Assistant Principal

Karin Hillman, School Counselor

Janelle Stuart, School Counselor

Emily Ringler, School Psychologist

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