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20-21 CMS Scheduling Information

Students in grades 3-6 who will be attending CMS during the 20-21 school year will be receiving a print out of the scheduling request screen in the mail within the next few days.  This form lists the courses in which students will be placed for their academic classes, in addition to their requested "specials" courses.  Please remember that these are requests for specials classes and not every one of them will be able to be honored.  The alternate course selections should also be reviewed and considered. 

These request forms are also based on running a traditional schedule and a traditional school year.  Given the uncertainty of Covid-19 and how the virus may impact next school year, all course offerings are subject to change.  We will continue to communicate with families throughout the summer as this situation continues to evolve.  

This year there is no need to sign and return the scheduling request sheet - this email serves as notification that it was sent.  They were dropped at the post office for mailing on Thursday - if you do not receive the form early next week please contact the appropriate school counselor. 

Current grade 3 & 4:

Current grade 5 & 6:

If you believe that your child is not placed in the appropriate academic math or ELA class, or would like to change their elective schedule requests, please submit a schedule change request HERE by FRIDAY, May 8, 2020.  For more basic information about the courses and placement criteria, please review the 20-21 CMS Program of Studies HERE.  All information is also posted on the CMS website.  

Students who have not yet met the criteria for placement into the accelerated classes and are interested in that option should also use the schedule change request form HEREIf this is of interest, students will be required to take the spring MAP assessment(s) as appropriate for the accelerated course placement they are seeking.  The administration of that assessment will be in-person at a time and process as approved by the Geauga County Health Department.  Please note that this option only applies to those seeking placement into the accelerated ELA classes in all grades, or 5th grade accelerated math class.  All other accelerated math placement requests would have been made through enrollment in the optional summer acceleration program that was previously communicated to students and parents and is currently underway.  

As communicated in our recent e-mail, CMS does plan to administer the math MAP assessment to students in all grades currently enrolled at CMS.  All students should anticipate taking that assessment as will be communicated by your classroom teachers except current 4th grade students who are seeking placement into the 5th grade accelerated math class - those students will need to complete the form above and will take the math test in-person as outlined.  

To streamline communications and to ensure that we respond to all scheduling requests, please use the form provided and a counselor or administrator will get back to you as soon as possible!  

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