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Fall Conference Scheduling

Hello CMS Parents:

Fall conferences at CMS are quickly approaching. This year we will be moving to more traditional parent / teacher conferences, with a plan to return to a student-led conference night in February. Fall conferences will be 15-minute blocks of time with select members of your child’s team (Language Arts / Social Studies, OR Math / Science). Select non-team teachers (Art, PE, Music, Health, etc.) will join those scheduled meetings as available based on need and parent / teacher request. You may schedule a second conference to meet with the second set of core teachers as available, but given the team structure in place most teams will be able to share general information regarding your child's progress overall at CMS.

Please note that cross-teamed accelerated teachers (Fusco, Bonvissuto and Best), as well as world language teachers (high school Spanish 1 and French 1 courses) and intervention teachers will be holding their own individual conferences. Use the individual links below to schedule with those teachers.

This fall there are not enough slots for every parent to meet with teachers during scheduled conference nights. Please know that Infinite Campus, as well as e-mail, are great ways to communicate with teachers and keep track of your child's learning.

Of course, we are always more than happy to schedule conferences at other times as necessary as well. Please never hesitate to contact any staff member with any questions or concerns.

6th Grade Team Conferences

7th Grade Team Conferences

8th Grade Team Conferences

Best (6 & 7 ELA) Individual Conferences

Bonvissuto (7 & 8 Math) Individual Conferences

Ceraolo (Reading Connections) Individual Conferences

Fisher (Spanish) Individual Conferences

Fusco (6 & 7 Math) Individual Conferences

Taucher (French) Individual Conferences (October 10 ONLY)

Posted Friday, September 22, 2017