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21-22 Course Scheduling Information

Hello CMS Families!  

We are excited to begin the scheduling process for the 2021-2022 school year and keeping our fingers crossed that things are beginning to look “normal” again!  

Included in this mailing is the scheduling information for you and your child to begin to consider!  Please take time to review the material and carefully consider your requests.  Each year, our master schedule is built to closely align with the requests that we receive, as well as students’ academic placement.  We always strive to maintain efficiency in operations and build the master schedule to maximize staffing in order to meet students’ needs, create opportunities, and control expenses.  Given this, requests need to be carefully considered as once parents “sign-off” on the scheduling form closer to the end of the year we cannot honor requests to change!  

There is a gradual release of the amount of “freedom” students receive from 4th grade to 7th.  We have intentionally designed our required and choice rotations in the early grades so that students have been exposed to all that we offer in grades 6 and 7.  This allows our students to make informed choices as we “release” control of their electives to students in older grades.  

In addition to the 4 core classes, our general scheduling framework is:  

  • 4th grade - traditional elementary schedule exposing students to identified specials. 

  • 5th grade - student choice in music performance class, with continued exposure in all other specials offered at CMS.  

  • 6th grade - PE required, 1.5 credits of choice

  • 7th grade - Health required, 1.5 credits of choice


As a data-driven school and in order to provide clarity and to set-up students up for success, CMS has developed placement criteria into some of the academic class offerings based on students’ MAP, CogAT, and at times AIR test scores.  Placement criteria can be found in the proposed 2021-2022 CMS Course of Study.  

Parents will have the opportunity to review current academic placement and sign-off on students’ elective choices the week of April 6.  In addition, at that time more information regarding the optional summer math acceleration program will be shared.  This program is for those students newly identified as qualifying for the accelerated pathway, or for those seeking to “opt-in.”  More information on this option will be shared as soon as we return from spring break.


4th to 5th Grade Scheduling: 

2021-2022 CMS Course of Study.

Video -

Google Form (will also be in grade-level Google Classroom):



5th to 6th Grade Scheduling: 

2021-2022 CMS Course of Study.

Video -

Presentation (with links to specials info):



6th to 7th Grade Scheduling:

2021-2022 CMS Course of Study.

Video -

Presentation (with links to specials info):


  • Friday, 3/12: information e-mailed to students / parents & posted on CMS website.  

  •  Tuesday, 3/16:  scheduling forms “due” back to school. 

  • Thursday, 3/18:  students will electronically enter requests during Advisory periods.  

  • Tuesday, 3/23:  “request” forms sent home for parents to review and sign to confirm academic placement and specials requests

  • Friday, 3/26:  signed form due back to Advisory teacher.

  • Tuesday, 4/6 - Monday 4/12:  sign-up for the optional summer math acceleration program begins

  • Wednesday, 4/[email protected] 6:00pm:  Optional Summer Math Program Parent Meeting (virtual meeting:  

  • Thursday, 4/15 @ 3:10pm:  Optional Summer Math Program Placement Test

*** virtual students will follow the same timelines, with the exception of returning forms to school on Tuesday, 3/16.  School Counselors will join virtual advisory periods to answer questions and help students input requests electronically ***

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