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AM and PM CMS Traffic Patterns


HERE is a full campus view of the CMS traffic pattern.  Click HERE for a more detailed view of just the CMS traffic flow (both can also be downloaded attached to this e-mail).  For students at CMS, the parent drop-off and pick-up will be along the Alcan driveway next to the football stadium.  Parents will enter the school campus at the east entrance of the high school via Maple Avenue, drive in front of the high school, proceed west on the Alcan (next to the track and stadium, and then will exit the campus on North Street at the middle school.  The Board of Education parking lot on North Street is reserved for bus traffic only during student arrival and dismissal.  Traffic on the Alcan (during school hours) will be one-way (east to west) during school hours.  Students who arrive after 8:00am will need to be driven around the building and enter at the main office entrance (the door facing the Board of Education), and report to the office to sign-in as tardy.  Parents do not need to escort their student in to the building when arriving late.  (Parents DO need to come in to the building if signing a student out during the school day).

At dismissal, CMS students being picked up by a parent/ guardian will exit the back doors of the building, walk along the marked "sidewalk" in the alcan and find their parent.  Cars are free to pull out as soon as your child(ren) are in the car, and it is safe to do so.  Students will not need to be "signed-out" at the end of the day by a parent / guardian picking them up.  Walkers and those attending Latchkey must report to the cafeteria.  For at least the first week of school, bus riders will wait in their classrooms.  As busses pull in to CMS, we will announce over the PA for those students to exit the building and direct them towards their bus.  At approximately 3:15pm, when the busses are ready to pull out, we will stop parent traffic on the Alcan and southern exit on to North St., release the walkers to exit to the sidewalk on North St., and the busses will exit from the north exit of the parking lot on to North St.  Please follow the directions of staff members to ensure a safe ending to the school day for all CMS students. 

Parents are asked to please be mindful of the following:

* Walkers should stay on city sidewalks until they get to the CMS entrance on North St.  When following the traffic pattern on the map, there is a lined walkway and crosswalk at the southwest corner of the building to cross on to the sidewalk.  A staff member will be present to stop car traffic and help students cross.  

* Unless participating in AM latchkey, parents should plan to arrive after 7:40 AM.  This is both to ensure safety and supervision at the middle school, as well as to avoid the high school traffic.

* Parents dropping off at the beginning of the day or picking up students at the end of the day at CMS should not use the Board of Education parking lot (with the exception of 4th grade parens at pick-up), unless parents need to enter the building as well. 

*If picking up students at the end of the day, CMS parents should plan on arriving after 2:45pm in order to avoid the traffic dismissing at CHS just prior to that time.

* Parents dropping off / picking up students at CMS should be aware of students walking to / from the track and stadium in the Alcan. 

* Traffic on Memorial drive (horseshoe in front of the high school) is a city street and is one-way only (exiting onto Chardon Ave.)

* There is absolutely no parking in the Alcan during CMS school hours. 


We appreciate everyone's attention and flexibility as we continue to monitor our traffic flow for the safety and security of all of our students.

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