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3rd Grade Parent Welcome!

Greetings 3rd-grade parents!  

We are so excited to welcome you and your child to CMS next year!  Three years ago when the district reconfigured there were so many questions about what the 4th-grade experience in a middle school building might look like.  We are so happy and proud to report that we have overwhelmingly received positive reviews and praise for the expanded opportunities provided to students in our 4-7 CMS building, while still maintaining the “feel” of 4th and 5th grade for our younger learners.  We are excited to continue to build upon our success and welcome your family to Chardon Middle School next year!  

We are still working with the Geauga County Health Department to determine what our transition activities for students can look like, but we wanted to reach out to you now to begin to share information and let you know that we are planning to welcome your children to CMS!  

For all parents, but especially for those families that will be “first-timers” at CMS, I encourage you to peruse some of the information linked below to help you become acquainted with CMS!  

Otherwise, the only thing we ask parents to do right now is to review the academic placement information below, and know that we are working behind the scenes to plan for a successful transition for your child(ren) to CMS!  

Please never hesitate to contact any of us with any questions!  

Timothy Velotta, Principal

Adam Tomco, Assistant Principal

Janelle Stuart, school counselor for class of 2030 (your children!)

Karin Hillman, school counselor for class of 2028 (current 5th grade) & scheduling lead

Emily Ringer, school psychologist

Scheduling / Academic Placement

One of the greatest advantages to reconfiguration was our expanded curricular offerings to students.  We expanded our enriched and accelerated course offerings, expanded title tutoring to a larger percentage of our students, and refined our inclusion and co-teaching services. 

As a data-driven school, in order to provide consistency and clarity in the process to set students up for success, CMS has developed placement criteria into some of the academic class offerings based on students’ MAP, CogAT, and at times AIR test scores.  Placement criteria and course offerings can be found in the proposed 2021-2022 CMS Course of Study.  

At this time, we are asking all parents to review their child’s current academic course placement for the 21-22 school year.   Current 3rd grade parents are asked to review the English Language Arts course placement.  You will either see:  

  • ENG400 - Language Arts 4  OR

  • ENG 410 - Enriched Language Arts 4

** please note that this screen is NOT your child’s schedule - this will be released in August.  This is a “course request screen” which gathers information that we will use to build the master schedule.  

To access this information, please: 

  1. Log-in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal  

    1. ** please contact the main office of your child’s current school for assistance in logging in **

  2. Click “More” at the bottom of the index bar 

  3. Select “Course Registration” 

  4. Confirm which child’s requests you would like to view.  You can toggle between multiple children on the top, right-hand side of the screen. 

  5. Click “21-22 Chardon Middle School”

  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 with any additional children enrolled at CMS.


If you believe your child is not placed in the appropriate English Language Arts class, please click HERE, or go to the CMS website and submit a ‘Schedule Change Request’ via the provided link.