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G-TV Streaming of CLSD Events
G-TV has recently purchased new streaming equipment that enables us to finally present a streaming alternative that provides a superior conduit for the programming we provide to your constituents. There are two streams – one for CH1020, and one for CH1025. There are links to these two streams on our website – I encourage you to try them out. They really look terrific! 

The new streaming equipment also comes along with an APP that is available on Roku and AppleTV. The APP is called Cablecast Screenweave. This is pretty neat. When you first add the APP to Roku or AppleTV and load it, the system does a geographical search across the USA and finds G-TV as well as other channels in our area that you can select. After you’ve selected G-TV, you can watch either of the two channels we produce. 

Here are the links that are on our website. If you have Roku or AppleTV, you need to add the APP to your device before connecting.


CH1020 -


CH1025 -