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Language Arts Live! 2022
posed and classroom action photos of Language Arts Live! speakers Keith Brewster, Jessica Henderson, Katy Nagaj and Tod McCloskey

November 8, 2022 — CHS English Language Arts teachers Lynn Monaco, David Massucci and Dawn Weaver welcomed the following parent and community volunteers into their senior ELA courses on Nov. 7 for this year's installment of Language Arts Live!

Keith Brewster
Senior System Engineer
Rockwell Automation

Jessica Henderson
Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Program Manager
The Lubrizol Corporation

Tod McCloskey
Business Development Director
Naylor Association Solutions

Katy Nagaj
Kirtland Elementary School

About Language Arts Live!
Language Arts Live! is a speaker and resource program which provides students with examples of how the knowledge they acquire in the classroom translates to the professional world and life beyond high school.

The objectives are for students to better understand the various reading, writing, and communication skills, as well as 21st century skills such as the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) they are currently learning and to then be able to apply these skills meaningfully to their lives.

Mrs. Monaco stated: “Our seniors, in preparation for college and career readiness, will be exploring technical and career writing with the help of mentors currently in the professions to which the seniors aspire.”

Parental/Community Involvement
The key to the success of this series is parental and community involvement, which reinforces our CHS core values. Parents and community professionals participate in a panel discussion regarding the use of language and communication skills in various work settings.

Panel Key Points 2022:
-Leading by example
-Being mindful of how you communicate
-Choosing your words
-Tailoring communication to whom you are speaking
-Writing emails professionally
-Ensuring appropriate attire/background for virtual interviews
-Committing to a positive social media presence, if a social media user
-Getting acquainted with workplace digital communication platforms
-Learning how to navigate difficult conversations

Mrs. Monaco stated: “We are appreciative of the time and commitment provided to our seniors by Keith, Jessica, Katy and Tod.”

High achievement for all students, where learning is our most important work.


Kelly Misch
Communications Director
Chardon Local Schools
[email protected]