Principal's Message

Principal's Message


CHS Principal Doug Murray [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]

Dear CHS Parents/Guardians:

As a Chardon native, graduate and educator, I am proud to call Chardon my home.

We live in a beautiful community with extraordinary people. A community is built by the foundation of humble hands and the passion of hardworking men and women. Chardon is such a wonderful place to raise a family. Our school becomes an extension of your family with all of the learning and activities that our children get involved in. The foundation that we share is our shared community values.


I am beginning my 10th year as an administrator in Chardon. I have to tell you that the most enriching experience that I connect with each day is the students that walk into my office to check-in. When you walk into my office you will notice a book that students sign as guests for the day.  My little autograph book is a beacon of conversation for students and guests (of course, so is the Bob Ross coloring book). Nearly 25 years ago you would have never caught me going to the principal’s office to say hello or chat about what was going on in my day. 


Over the course of the last decade, the stigma of the office has turned into an opportunity for each of the administrators to build relationships with our students. When we say that we love our kids--we truly mean it. They energize us to be more and to give more. They allow us to live our core values more when we are visible to our students and staff. 


The culture of our school lives within our connection with our students and staff, and we celebrate the many ways that we grow as a community. It is important to note that we are truly living in historical times in Chardon. After going back-to-back in winning football championships, our baseball team battled to be champs to end the school year. Three championships! Most people spend an entire career chasing one, and Chardon just accomplished three in less than eighteen months! This championship culture energizes all of us in all that we do as students, athletes, educators, and community members. 


As we draw connections to our history-making year, we are celebrating the 150th commencement this year with our seniors. These seniors came to us as eighth graders! They are going to be a record-breaking class with earning the most class credits, the most graduation seals, the most service hours achieved, the most college credits earned, and the most accolades ever in athletics. It is going to be a very special year!


Everything is so ripe for our community to refine our core values and live our mission of high achievement for all students with a renewed emphasis on learning. This season is prime for traditions to bloom all over this campus with student activities,  personal relationships, personalized learning, and a commitment to renewing our mission, vision, and values.

Families and our students are strongly encouraged to stay in touch with the latest weekly information and announcements from CHS via the Week in Reflection Newsletter.


Douglas P. Murray

CHS Principal

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