Latchkey Program

Latchkey Program

text:  Chardon Latchkey Grades KDG-7; KDG - Grade 3 A.M. & P.M.; Grades 4-7 P.M. only; Advanced pre-registration & payment required with the board office for all grade levels. See forms & policies details on this page; staff headshot photo: Ms. Lauri Zampino, Latchkey Director
Contact Information
Phone:  216.402.8106 / 440.286.0407

For Parent/Guardian inquiries about how to register their student(s) for Latchkey,
please contact Ms. Zampino at the above email or phone.

About Chardon Latchkey
  • provides dependable and economical child care for working parents/guardians
  • provides a pleasant and informal atmosphere where children feel safe and accepted
  • operates only when school is in session
  • is closed when the school building is closed
    (holidays, breaks, calamity/snow days, or emergency remote learning)
  • charges a 1-hour minimum
Offered for Students Enrolled in:
  • Chardon Early Learning Center 
    (Kindergarten only; A.M. and P.M. Latchkey)

    Munson Elementary and Park Elementary 
    (Grades 1-3; A.M. and P.M. Latchkey)
  • Chardon Middle School 
    (Grades 4-7; P.M. Only Latchkey)
We look forward to serving you and your Hilltopper student(s) in the 22-23 school year!


Middle School Latchkey

Elementary School Latchkey

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