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Infinite Campus

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Chardon Schools uses a data management system called Infinite Campus. 
Rather than continue to maintain multiple database systems, our district and many other districts in Northeast Ohio are hosting student information on Infinite Campus.

One of the best features of Infinite Campus is the Campus Portal, which provides parents/guardians with 24/7 online and mobile access to their student(s)':
  • Academic Progress
  • District /School Communications
  • Fees Balances / Fees Payment Processing System INSTRUCTIONS
  • Lunch/Breakfast Payment System
  • Meal Benefits (Free/Reduced) Applications
  • Schedule

Campus Portal ... mobile

Anytime, anywhere access.
Get your Campus Portal information when you want it from your iOS or Android devices. 

A parent/guardian must have an active Campus Portal username and password prior to using the mobile appSee instructions/troubleshooting tips earlier on this page, including the importance of using a web-browser (desktop computer) to set up your username and password using a one-time, 32-digit activation code.

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**Note to Parents/Guardians:  During the summer months, you may not have access to all features of Infinite Campus. Some features are temporarily disabled while schedules and new processes are being loaded into the system in preparation for the new school year.**

Portal Access for RETURNING USERS of Infinite Campus:
If you are a parent/guardian who has already established Parent Portal access to Infinite Campus, visit the 
Parent Portal log-in screen, select Campus Parent, and enter your username and password. For instructions on installing a mobile app, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Portal Access Troubleshooting Tips:

  • **IMPORTANT** Please follow the troubleshooting tips (below) on a desktop computer (laptop, etc.) as these steps may not work on a mobile device.

    Upon entering your username and password, you may be prompted with a request to enter security data. Please use a desktop computer and enter:
    • your email address (a "security email address") as prompted
      This can be the email address we currently have on file for you OR another email address of your choosing. What is most important is that it's your email address / an email inbox to which you have full access.
    • your Infinite Campus password as prompted

    When clicking these new reset options, please ensure you are using a desktop computer as you may not have username/password resetting success with a mobile device.

    Please note that the password/username reset function will not work successfully if you have not entered your security email and password (see previous section) during a previous log-in.

    Without a security email, the system does not have anywhere to send you your password/username reset link. See the next section below for additional steps.

    If upon using the new reset options at any time, you do not receive an auto-generated email to reset your username and password OR continue to have any log-in issues after entering your information at the Forgot Password, Forgot Username and/or Security Data prompts:
Infinite Campus may not have a security email address on file and therefore cannot complete verification of your identity. To add a security email address to your account, please call your school during business hours. A phone call is required as your identity cannot be verified through email. 

Where do I find my school's phone number?
Access your school’s contact information by selecting “Schools” from the dropdown menu on the homepage.
 Secretarial staff return  to the buildings each summer the first week of August.

Portal Access for FIRST-TIME USERS of Infinite Campus:

Use your 32-digit activation code to complete the initial set-up of your parent account.
This code was provided to you via email when you first registered your student with the District. If you cannot locate this code, scroll down for retrieval instructions. 

**IMPORTANT** Please follow the steps (below) on a desktop computer (laptop, etc.) as these set-up steps may not work on a mobile device.

  • Enter your one-time-use, 32-digit Activation Code on the Activation Key page of Infinite Campus.
  • You will be prompted to create a username and password.
    Record your username and password in a secure place for future reference. The username must be a least six (6) characters AND your password must be at least eight (8) characters. Your password is case-sensitive and must contain letters AND a number.
  • Access the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and log in with your new username and password!
    This portal log-in page is also accessible from you school website. Bookmark it!
I cannot locate the email with my 32-digit code.
If you misplaced this email, please contact your school by phone for the 32-digit code.

Where do I find my school's phone number?
Access your school’s contact information by selecting “Schools” from the dropdown menu on the homepage. (Please note that secretarial staff will be back in the buildings on August 3, 2022.)

Can I request my 32-digit activation code via email?
No. For security purposes, you must contact your school by phone to verify your identity, and only then will this activation code be emailed to you.

Do I need to request a separate code for each of my students?
No. For your convenience, contacting one school for this information will provide you with the information you need to access your Parent Portal for all of your students.

Note to First-Time Users:
 Additional troubleshooting steps are also located in the Returning Users section above.
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