District Communications

staff headshot photo of Kelly Misch, District Communications Director [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Communications Director
[email protected]
Chardon Schools is committed to providing open lines of communication with our enrolled families and via outreach to our valued Chardon Schools community. Our Communications Department's top priority is to share our school community news with you and be available to actively receive and listen to community feedback.

The district utilizes multiple channels for sharing information with our valued community:

  • Blackboard Connect emails for event/other updates messaging to families and staff
  • BoardDocs for monthly meeting agendas and minutes
  • Boxcast Channel for board meeting replays and live streams
  • G-TV — our valued partnership with Geauga-TV enables the district to share news through the county's local television channels as well as through G-TV-provided television monitors in our school buildings; as well as on-site professional photography at major events with free downloads for the community
  • Highlights Videos produced by the district and shared via our social media pages, the Topper Talk newsletter, and the District news page
  • Media Releases written by the district and shared with Geauga Maple Leaf, Geauga Times Courier, Geauga Good News, and The News Herald; and posted to our District News web page
  • Open Lines newsletter, written and published by the district on an annual/bi-annual basis and mailed to the entire 44024 community
  • Pastor Photography — our valued partnership with Pastor Photography provides on-site professional photography at major events often with free downloads for the community
  • Quality Profile, an annual digital report written and published by the district to communicate the overall educational value of our school district. The QP continued its tradition as a digital publication for the 2019-20 school year. Our goal is to publish this as a mailable report in an upcoming school year.
  • Social Media pages — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram district social media pages; Please review our Social Media Acceptable Use Statement.pdf
  • Topper Talk electronic newsletter, a monthly digital publication written by the district and emailed to the school community - community members interested in subscribing can request this through the email address listed above
We continue to strive for excellence in our communications presence in the Chardon community and hope you will follow our social media pages and regularly check in with our publications. 

If you would like to be added to the Topper Talk electronic newsletter distribution list, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at my email address listed above. We would be glad to welcome you aboard to our Topper Talk readership.

Your questions, as well as your feedback, are always welcome.

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Community Flyers

The school district has a long-established limited public forum for the distribution of informational flyers. Community meetings and information are routinely distributed, including flyers for community events and organizations that are not always school-based activities. This information is distributed with no express endorsement of the content of the meeting or encouraging attendance at the activity/event.  
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