It is our mission to have every child succeed, and we understand that by having a system where we hold  ourselves accountable, we can continue to make great things happen for all students.
We are, for so many children, an on-ramp and acceleration lane onto   a network of pathways that lead in various directions  to success and fulfillment. Without the Chardon Local Schools, many would find their access to higher education blocked.

We know that our students' tomorrow will be only as good as the effort we put forth today. We must prepare for the students of tomorrow even as we serve those we teach today. And, we must recognize that, while our mission will be accomplished only through careful planning – – such planning must be ongoing. After all, even though we may strive for horizons, they can never really be reached. Beyond each is yet another – an endless succession of fresh tomorrows and fresh starts.
We invite you to come and see all the great things going on in the Chardon Schools!

The Treasurer's office handles all fiscal affairs of the district, including accounts payable, payroll, employee benefits, and financial reporting.

The superintendent is responsible for the successful management of the school district by providing leadership related to the vision set forth by the Board of Education.

Facilities and Operations
The Business Operations Department supports students and staff by overseeing buildings and grounds, transportation, food service, and maintenance.

The Communications Dept. is responsible for media relations, internal/external communications, website management.

Our mission is to identify, develop, and support information technologies with a variety of partners for the benefit of students, staff, parents, and the community.

Department of Student Services
The Office for Exceptional Children strives to provide a free and appropriate public education for all children. Programs and accommodations are designed and implemented based on the unique needs of each child.

The Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and timely transportation of students attending Chardon Local Schools. 

Food Service
Our goal is to provide quality, nutritious meals at an affordable price to all students, in a comfortable, service-oriented environment.

Health Services
Optimal student learning can only be achieved with optimal student health. The school nurses are dedicated to this cause. We offer a variety of services to students including health screenings, health counseling, skilled nursing care, illness evaluation, and first aid.


Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum is the skills and knowledge that students are to learn, and is the heart and the soul of the school program...
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