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Main Phone — 440.285.4069
Please contact the department by phone if you have time-sensitive issues/questions.
Director of TransportationMr. Josh Nau  [email protected]
Transportation Supervisor Mr. Andy Caballero [email protected] 
Main Department Email — [email protected]
**Please note that 24-hour response time cannot be guaranteed for inquiries sent through email.** 
We're Hiring!  Bus Drivers - Starting Pay $20/19/hr - Apply Online:  See Transportation on the Employment Opportunities Page
   We're Hiring! Substitute Bus Assistants - Starting Pay $16.80/hr - Apply Online - See Substitute - Classified on the Employment Opportunities Page 

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Responsibilities for parents and students
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Transportation Staff Directory

Madeline Arnold
Arnold, Madeline
Amanda Addair
Addair, Amanda
Library Secretary/Bus Assistant
Denise Babic
Babic, Denise
Bus Driver
Rachel Babic
Babic, Rachel
Bus Driver
Jennifer Bell
Bell, Jennifer
Bus Assistant
Tara Bulman
Bulman, Tara
Bus Driver
Paul Cicerelli
Cicerelli, Paul
Bus Driver
Angie Clark
Clark, Angie
Bus Driver
Kimberly Concoby
Concoby, Kimberly
Bus Driver
Michelle Coon
Coon, Michelle
Bus Driver
Lois Cox
Cox, Lois
Bus Driver
Marie Ferris
Ferris, Marie
Bus Driver
Falyn Fletcher
Fletcher, Falyn
Bus Assistant
Lynn Forbes
Forbes, Lynn
Bus Driver / Onboard Instructor
Mollie Graham
Graham, Mollie
Bus Driver
Connor Ludwick
Ludwick, Connor
Wayne Luetjes
Luetjes, Wayne
Bus Driver
Daniel Marsh
Marsh, Daniel
Bus Driver
Terri-Jo Martin
Martin, Terri-Jo
Bus Assistant
Melissa Medves
Medves, Melissa
Van Driver/Bus Assistant
Lynn Meyer
Meyer, Lynn
Bus Driver/Bus Assistant
Karen Michel
Michel, Karen
Bus Driver
Christine Moore
Moore, Christine
Bus Assistant
Rachel New
New, Rachel
Bus Assistant
Robert Pasqualone
Pasqualone, Robert
Van Driver
Julie Petrowski
Petrowski, Julie
Bus Driver
Melissa Pettyjohn
Pettyjohn, Melissa
Bus Driver
Joseph Piunno
Piunno, Joseph
Bus Driver
Maureen Powell-Rene
Powell-Rene, Maureen
Bus Assistant
Gregory Ridgeway
Ridgeway, Gregory
Lead Mechanic
Mallory Sabo
Sabo, Mallory
Bus Driver
Grant Seimon
Seimon, Grant
Bus Driver
Steve Silveroli
Silveroli, Steve
Bus Driver/Bus Assistant
Joan Sinclair
Sinclair, Joan
Bus Driver
Kathryn Sizemore
Sizemore, Kathryn
Bus Driver
Regina Smith
Smith, Regina
Karen Speck
Speck, Karen
Bus Driver / Onboard Instructor
Jane Stanton
Stanton, Jane
Bus Driver
Lynn Valentino
Valentino, Lynn
Van Driver
Beth Vizer
Vizer, Beth
Bus Driver
Bonnie Vyner
Vyner, Bonnie
Bus Driver
David Wolfe
Wolfe, David
Bus Driver
Lauren Zingale
Zingale, Lauren
Bus Driver
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