Contact Information

Contact Information

Contact Information

Chardon Middle School
424 North Street
Chardon, OH 44024
Important Numbers:
Main Office           440.285.4062
Main Office Fax     440.286.0461


staff photo:  Timothy Velotta [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Timothy Velotta, Principal
staff photo:  Tracy Paroubek [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Tracy Paroubek, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Main Office Staffstaff photo:  Diana Norris (photo credit:  Pastor Photography)Diana Norris, Secretary 
(fees, staffing/substitutes, Principal's secretary)
 staff photo:  Lisa Bross [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]Lisa Bross, Clerk 
(attendance, discipline, enrollment, Assistant Principal's secretary)
 staff photo:  Elaine Cressman [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Elaine Cressman, Building Clerk 
(attendance, withdrawals / records, special projects, Counselors' secretary)
[email protected]

staff photo:  Nancy McFaul [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Nancy McFaul, Library Secretary

Athletics Program
staff photo:  Doug Snyder [photo credit:  Pastor Photography]
Doug Snyder, Athletics Director
(Grade Levels 7-12)

Chromebook Repairs
Students are asked to consult the CMS Media Center in the building for assistance.

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