District Response Plan & FAQs

District Response Plan & FAQs

Reporting Absences

To report an absence due to COVID or other illness/reason, please call 440.285.4052 and follow the directions provided by the automated system.


For in-person K-3, students are asked to seek assistance from their school's main office. For in-person 4-7, students are asked to seek assistance from the Chardon Middle School Media Center. 
In-person, virtual and hybrid students in Grades 8-12 may all use this resource.

If my student is awaiting a COVID test result, should they stay home while waiting for the results?

Yes. Please follow the established procedure for reporting your child's absence to the school. 

If my student tests positive for COVID, who should I notify?

If your student tests positive, please report this information to his/her school office. Please see phone numbers listed below.

If a parent/guardian or other household family member is ill and is being tested, should the student stay home while waiting for the family member’s results?  
If a household family member is awaiting a COVID test result for him/herself, it would be prudent and strongly recommended for all household members to stay home. However, if the student is without symptoms, this is not mandatory.

Could you describe Chardon Schools' collaboration with the Geauga Public Health Department in making decisions regarding who needs to quarantine?
Chardon Schools works with the Geauga Public Health Department, which as of February 17, 2021, designates at least a 10-day quarantine period (but will also support a full 14-day quarantine period) in the event that protocols - masking, hand-washing, distancing, etc. - are not met. Superintendent Hanlon confers regularly - multiple times per week - with GPH to ensure the district is doing everything possible to comply with quarantine requirements.

If an individual has been in a classroom setting in which they may have been in close contact with someone who has now tested positive for COVID, does the individual need to quarantine?
As of February 17, 2021 per new guidance from the Geauga Public Health Department, Chardon Schools will adhere to the 10-day quarantine period described above. 
An exception to the 10-day quarantine order will be made if a K-12 student is considered to be a contact due only to a classroom exposure that occurred in a classroom where masking is enforced AND where all students are separated by a minimum of 6 feet. In that limited set of circumstances, the exposed student may return to the classroom but will otherwise still be in quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. If the quarantined student remains without symptoms at the end of the 10-day quarantine, the student is completely released from the 10-day quarantine order. The above exception does not apply to athletics and extracurriculars. Those students are required to quarantine.

Who can I contact in the district if I have questions specific to the length of time I should quarantine my student due to a COVID diagnosis or potential exposure?

Please contact our head nurse, Mrs. Janice Hoffmann, at 440.286.0418 during school hours or email [email protected].

How do I arrange for my student's education continuity during a self-quarantine?

Please contact your student's teacher(s). If you need assistance accessing contact information for your student's teachers, please call the main phone number for your student’s school building:

CHS - 440.285.4057

CMS - 440.285.4062

Maple - KDG - 440.285.4066

Munson Elementary - 440.286.5901

Park Elementary - 440.285.4067

Tiny Toppers Preschool - 440.285.4066

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