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Free & Reduced Lunch-

30 day carryover from t he Prior Year Students who were on Free & Reduced meal status at the end of the previous school year will carry-over. For the New School Year (2018-2019), this carry-over period ends September 28, 2018, unless a meal application is approved. As per USDA regulations, if your child qualifies for lesser level meal benefits (from free status to reduced-price status to reduced-price/free status to paid status); these changes will take effect 10 days from the date of application approval. If your child qualifies for higher level meal benefits (from paid/reduced-price status to free status or paid status to reduced-price status), these changes will take effect immediately upon application approval.

This allows for students nutritional needs to be met while parents are in the process of reapplying


The Food Service & Child Nutrition Program is committed to providing nutritional meals to all of the district's students. The Chardon local  Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program and are required to meet one-third of a student’s daily caloric needs.

The mission of our Food Services Department is to provide a variety of healthy and delicious choices for breakfast, lunch and snacks every day. We are committed to offering the best possible nutrition at a reasonable price for the district's children.

Each school sites has a staff member that has been certified through the state approved Serv Safe certification program, which instructs participants on how to properly store, prepare, and serve foods. The Central Kitchen has three certified staff members.

Food thermometers are tested and calibrated on a regular basis, frequent temperature readings are taken during production for foods being cooked, held, and served.

Critical Control Points are monitored regarding proper internal temperatures for cooking and holding food

  • Cold Foods are held at 40°F or below
  • Hot Foods are cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165°F
  • Hot Foods are held at 135°F or above

Staff is instructed on proper procedures for Hand washing and the use of disposable gloves during food production and service. Surfaces and utensils are sanitized before use.

Each serving site is inspected by the county health department.

Refrigerators and freezers are monitored daily and temperatures are logged to insure proper temperatures for storage.

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