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Madelon Horvath

Madelon Horvath
10427 Meadowhurst Rd.

Madelon Horvath spent thirty years in public education teaching English, directing high school plays, and volunteering for the Educational Theatre Association.  Directing plays taught her to hone her creative, organizational and management skills.  She loved both the creative and human aspects of working with students to bring a play to life.  Teaching English helped her to become more patient with people who didn't understand and to figure out innovative ways to present material so that students could have the joy of understanding challenging literature and to be able to write and speak efficiently and sometimes even brilliantly! 
Along with the work she loved, Madelon volunteered with the Educational Theatre Association, an organization dedicated to high school Thespians and their teachers.  She directed plays, organized festivals, mentored other leaders, and took Chardon students to national, state and area conferences every year - from 1985 until she retired in 2009.   She also traveled with students to great cultural and theatre cities such as Chicago and New York - and twice to England, where the group went to West End plays and saw Shakespeare at the Globe and at Stratford.
The decision to run for school board is based on her belief that strong public education is the backbone of our democratic society.  Madelon is hoping to use her skills as a communicator and organizer, as well as people skills to help bring school and community closer together.
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