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Chardon Quality Profile

Chardon Local Schools, along with more than 85 other school districts throughout Ohio, annually releases a comprehensive, community-oriented companion to the State‚Äôs School District Report Card called a QUALITY PROFILE. The profile captures examples of student successes and learning opportunities that do not appear on the state assessments. Academics, the arts, athletics, extra-curriculars, student support, community support, and financial information are all shared with you within the QUALITY PROFILE to demonstrate the value of a Chardon Schools education.
In the QUALITY PROFILE  you can learn about innovative learning experiences, AP scores, music opportunities, extra-curriculars, financial ratings, parent support groups, and so much more.


Supported by the Alliance    for High Quality Education
A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. This profile helps characterize the overall educational value of the Chardon Local School District in areas that matter most to our community.
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