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Chardon Local School District
Office of the Treasurer
The Chardon Board of Education regularly adopts measures to ensure the district’s financial operations run smoothly.

In January, a budget hearing is held to identify the needs of the district and estimate tax revenues for the coming year.

Before the fiscal year begins July 1, the board approves temporary appropriations, or the authorization to spend money in specific areas. Appropriations are drafted, adjustments are made throughout the summer, and final appropriations, and the final spending plan, are approved by September 30.

The spending plan is a financial estimate of how the district will spend its money over the upcoming year. The board reviews monthly the actual financial performance of the district against the spending plan. The board approves any budget adjustments that may be necessary during the year.

If you need additional information regarding the Chardon Local School District’s finances, please call the treasurer’s office at 440-285-4052.
440-285-4052 x404
Shelley McDermott, Assistant Treasurer
440-285-4052 X406
Dianne Farizel, Assistant to the Treasuer/EMIS Coordinator
440-285-4052 X405
Kristy Reifinger, Payroll Specialist
440-285-4052 X408
Lauri Zampino, Accounts Payable Specialist/Latchkey Director
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