Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures


Morning Drop-Off Procedures Begin at 9:10 a.m.

  • The bus/car line drop-off begins to form at the bottom of Goodrich Court around 9:00am. School doors open at 9:10a.m. At 9:10a.m., students may begin to exit cars and buses which will start the movement of the traffic line up Goodrich Court. Please have students ready to make a speedy and safe exit to help move traffic along. This line moves rather quickly. Parents should not get out of their cars, and students should be ready to exit as soon as their vehicle has stopped. Bus and car traffic will drive up Goodrich Court as traffic begins to move along. We will ask all cars to move up to the back of the auditorium when dropping off their students.

  • Walkers will use the NW sidewalk (near blue playground) to enter Park School. Please do not drop off students any earlier because there is no outside supervision.

  • To make drop-off easier and faster, parents are encouraged to park on the Square and escort/allow students to walk over to the main building.

  • Adult supervision will be visible and out to help during this during the 9:10a.m.-9:20a.m. time to assist with drop-offs and pickups.

  • If you are late and arrive after 9:20a.m., outside doors will be locked and parents will need to bring their child(ren) into the building and sign them in at the office.
Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures Begin at 3:35p.m.

  • 3:35p.m. Walkers and non-bus riders or pick-ups are released from our NW door by the RED swing set. A staff member will accompany this group out to the blacktop area. Parents need to park on the Square area and meet their child(ren) as they exit the building. For those parents not walking with their children it will be the parent's responsibility to discuss with their "walking students" safety protocol and the need to walk directly home after school. Goodrich Court is only used for BUS pick-ups at the end of our day.

  • 3:40p.m. Latchkey and bus riders will be dismissed to their buses.  
NOTE: Student end-of-day dismissal plans cannot be changed at the last minute. The office/teacher MUST receive a note or phone call before 3p.m. to communicate any change of the student's end-of-day bus plans.

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